The face behind the brand


I started NASAAM in about 2020 when we were all stuck at home, I, as so many others wanted something to do with my time.

But the idea behind the brand was formed so many years prior. I have always found peace in designing things for friends or making my own hair and skincare products to share with friends and family. After years of mixing haircare and designing various collections and giving them away, I decided to make it official and NASAAM was Born. 

How did I come up with the name and concept you ask? Its simple the name is a combination of my initials and the concept is - I really just do what I feel like at the moment of inspiration or what i think is still needed. Everything you see here is self made with love by me and brought to life by the amazing support of my family and friends who also double as product testers  for my new arrivals.

 I am very proud to be Ghanaian which is why you will see plenty influences of the Ghanaian culture in my Brand and products.

xx NAS


Nana Adjoa Serwah

(NAS) Founder & CEO